Our History

In 2012 Erin Christison opened her own law firm. Erin began practicing law 9 years earlier, but while Earl was in law school, they decided to open their own firm with Earl working as law clerk. In early 2013 they opened their doors as Novation Law in Keizer, Oregon. After graduating in 2013, Earl joined Erin as a partner at the firm. We enjoy practicing law together because focusing our attention on something bigger than ourselves brings us joy individually and in our marriage.

In the beginning, our practiced covered several legal areas including entrepreneurial law, immigration law, and nonprofit law. It did not take long for us to realize our passion lie in civil justice. In 2016, we began limiting their cases to tort cases and trial cases. With a change in practice areas the firm, we decided it was time for a new beginning and started the injury law group, Paynes Grey. Paynes Grey was first used as a color in 1835 and named after a shade of blue-grey created by William Payne. With a brand change we also opened a second office in Lake Oswego, Oregon at this time.  

Our Philosophy

The civil justice system holds people and companies accountable for negligence or recklessness. This is such an important part of the American justice system that the founding father included it in the bill or rights insuring civil trials as the 7th Amendment of the Constitution. Civil Justice is a right. An important part of any free society is the right to seek restitution for injuries due to another’s bad acts. Furthermore, the civil justice system is the most efficient way to protect the average person from a power person or large corporate wrongdoers.  

Wrongdoers should be held accountable for the damages they cause. This is the essence of civil justice. Our passion is helping victims get civil justice. Our avenue for fair recourse is the courtroom.